Fuel economy

To get the best fuel economy, you need to learn to drive with your foot very lightly on the accelerator and to cruise instead of accelerate hard. However sometimes the car isn’t tuned correctly, so fuel consumption will always be bad unless you get your car tuned. Things as simple as a bad thermostat can cause bad fuel economy in a modern car. Blocked air filters, faulty ignition leads, or worn out spark pugs, higher fuel pressure than normal, faulty sensors, airflow meters, oxygen sensors, incorrect valve and ignition timing, blocked up catalytic converter, can all cause a modern car to have very bad fuel economy and performance. At shire tune we use EFI Diagnostic tools such as the SUN 450 engine analyser to check the ignition system, our 4 gas analyser to check the exhaust gas emissions, and the fuel flow and pressure tester which will check the fuel supply is adequate and fuel flow is correct to make sure the fuel pump is pumping correctly. Dirty or blocked fuel injectors can also cause bad fuel economy and performance, which is easily corrected with our on site injector cleaner. The Launch scan tool gives us live data from the cars computer which allows us to pick up on problems and any fault codes that may be stored in the cars computer. So when a car comes in for a tune, these are some of the main things we check. When new, some cars are already greener than others – you can compare where yours should be here, but all cars start to get worse economy as time goes on and can benefit from being tuned.

Not only does bad economy cost you money, it is bad for the environment too.

Think green and get your car tuned right here in the Sutherland shire.