Brake shudder and vibrations

Brake shudder is normally caused the disk rotor or brake drum having slight high spots in it, or being warped from the heat over a period of time. This causes a shudder through the car and the brake pedal when you go at speed (60-100km/h) and you will feel a slight pulsation through the brake pedal when it is applied. The way to repair this is to remove the disk rotors and machine them true again and make the rotors all parrallel – to get rid of the high spots. This is the same for the brake drums. This is provided that the brake drum is within certain limits. Disk brake and drum machining can usually be done a couple of times before they need to be replaced. However, some European cars have a soft disk rotor which needs to be replaced every time the disk pads wear out. A soft disk makes the brakes feel a lot better, and wear nice and true – the brake pedal feel is better, but the cost is higher as the whole rotor usually needs to be replaced every time a set of new pads is fitted. We can remachine disks at Shire Tune and Service, and do any brake job required.

Car disc brakes