Equipment we use

Launch X431 scan tool

“The Most Comprehensive Asian & European Diagnostic Scan Tool Available in the Automotive Aftermarket!”
With the expanding complexity of today’s automotive electrical systems, including an ever-increasing range of OEM specifications, the modern automotive technician must be one step ahead of a constantly changing industry. The Launch X431 scanner represents the cutting edge of automotive diagnostic technology.

The X431 system covers the largest range of vehicle models in the world, making the X431 an essential tool for the independent automotive expert.

Best of all, the X431’s vehicle coverage continues to grow, with simple internet-ready updates accessible at the click of a button. The LAUNCH internet database features newly added diagnostic interfaces and car models on an almost weekly basis- making this rapidly expanding technology an essential investment for the professional auto technician.” ‘DevilDogTools’ 2007

Sun 450 diagnostic Engine Analyser

Cars in NSW have to comply with emission standards which are among the most stringent in the world. SUN Machine 450 measures the emisions (the unburnt, wasted fuel) coming out your exhaust, enabling us to make your car run more economically, and be better for the environment at the same time.

The SUN machine 450 generates vehicle-specific engine diagnostics for thousands of early and late model vehicles. Parameters measured include RPM and temperature, battery volts, oil temperature, polarity, volts, amps, peak amps, vacuum, ripple, temperature, HC, CO, O2 CO2, A/F ratio and much much more.

This machine provides diagnostic summaries and individual diagnostic messages about the starting, charging, ignition, fuel, compression and cooling systems of your car.

The emissions module uses non-dispersive infrared to detect HC, CO, O2 and CO2 gas emissions.

The SUN 450 also shows vacuum wave form patterns which helps to detect problems with valve springs, worn cam shafts and mechanical valve trains which otherwise can be very difficult to diagnose. snap-on

Redline diagnostic smoke machine

The Redline Smoke Pro Total-Tech Automotive leak locator & EVAP machine delivers opaque vapour at a controlled pressure into virtually any automotive system. The vapour exits through any small holes or cracks, allowing the detection of even the tiniest leaks. The Redline diagnostic smoke machine is invaluable in the diagnosis of many difficult and previously undiagnosed problems with cooling systems, turbochargers, intercoolers, diaphragms, gaskets and vacuum and exhaust systems. It can also be used to detect cracked manifolds, catalytic converters, worn throttle shafts, diaphrams & seals and door and window seals.

Besco batteries

Because we know what is good for your car here in Australia, Shire Tune & Service stocks Besco batteries. Besco supply a range of batteries better suited to Australia’s hotter climate and harsh conditions. Besco batteries have a national warranty which is supported by an extensive distribution network across Australia, ensuring you receive superior after sales service wherever your location.