Car repairs and services

Minor Service

Shiny engine– change oil and filter
– check and clean or replace air filter
– check belts and hoses
– check brakes, both front and rear
– check steering
– note any obvious problems
– check tyre pressures
– check operation of all lights
– check battery and all fluid levels
– check gearbox and diff level
– check transmission fluid level and colour
– check windscreen wipers and washers
– adjust tyre pressures
– coat the tyres with tyre gloss
– free car vacuum

Average time: 1 hour

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Please note, 4WD cars take longer to inspect, and the price will vary accordingly

If any problems are found any problems, you will be contacted for the authorisation any work required.

Extra: injector cleaner additive
Injector cleaner additive (Pyrol) is a very good product which helps to keep the injectors clean, whilst at the same time removing carbon deposits in the inlet manifold and on top of the pistons and combustion chamber. Cylinder heads which have been run with this product are very clean- this helps maintain good combustion leading to better fuel economy.

Major Service

Minor service, PLUS
– change fuel filter
– brake fluid, coolant flushing depending on requirement
– change spark plugs
– clean throttle body
– check car computer with data scanner
– connect to scope and check leads and coil operation, ignition system
– check oxygen sensor for correct operation, which is vital for correct fuel economy
– check exhaust carbon emissions with the exhaust emission analyser for the correct air fuel ratio
– free car vacuum
– road test

Average time: At least 2 hours labour is required, plus parts. Total cost varies, depending on parts, and extra work needed. I can have a look at your car and give you a quote before carrying out repairs. If you would like a quote for your car, please phone us.

Time required varies depending on what is needed.

We can use disgression on this service, by only repairing what is absolutely necessary if you would like to minimise cost. It is totally up to you how much we do. We can recommend what is required, but the final decision always rests with you.

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